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Hello friends and Happy Holidays! It is now December, which means that it is now time for the world to inch into a new year of both artwork and change. These past few months have been pretty stress worthy for me due to personal issues, but as life goes by I think I’m handling everything the best to my ability~. I’ve made new friends, found new homes, and have even reconnected with some old friends that I’ve nearly lost touch with. I’ve lost a few friends along the way, but then again what can you do? You can only hope for the best for them, and care about their situation regardless of if you’re in touch with them.</sub>

But getting out of that little reflective moment, my goal is to finish all the artwork I have queued up by the end of the year! Not only that, but I wish to roleplay more now that I have been submitted into Toy-Isle! I’ve been getting a lot of stuff done on Mabinogi, and I am currently preparing to apply to Rice University that’s located in Houston. It’s a school known for Computer Science, which’ll help me a little bit in the Video Game Development field! I want to at least get a Bachelor’s in that (or maybe a Master’s Degree if they offer it?), but I’m also afraid that they might reject me due to being a top tier school. Even if they do, there’s still Community College and DeVry University that I can work with; All I worry about is my financial predicament, but some of my best friends has been supporting me and helping me get rid of my anxiety as I continue to prepare for this.

I feel like I’m not improving on my art, but I am at the same time… My friend, Ruth, was telling me about her Art Teacher saying one of the most inspirational lines throughout the entire class. She reiterated it to me, so I’m not too overwhelmed with my art style anymore! Gotta let it go with the flow~

I’ll be working on an Art Queue Journal later, so I don’t have to update every journal but for now I have homework to do.

Until then!

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I completely forgot to post a thing up for October, SIIIIIGH.

Oh well, I'll just mention what I've been doing in October and November in this journal.

Nothing much has changed with me; I'm staying home today because I got some mad food poisoning last night and I don't think I'd wanna risk it today. I've mostly been doodling things from Mabinogi because I haven't been able to think of anything original (nor have I been able to think of how to do :iconbluewader:'s request, I'm so sorry! I've not forgotten, okay?)

I have a list of things I need to do that are both non-Mabinogi and Mabinogi related, and one of the biggest things I need to do is get an Application for the Group: :icontoy-isle:! I got back in touch with Pokeh (PokemaniacNeo), and since then I've been designing a character and thinking of a backstory for this one character I have in my head. I am gonna start roleplaying again, which I haven't done in a while so I'm looking forward to that! <3

I've decided on going to Community College and getting my basics done before I transfer to a school. I'm going to be majoring in Computer Science somewhat, which'll give me some extra help in my Game Development major! I'm considering becoming a Video Game artist too, so maybe I'll learn a thing or two by doing something near the Studio Art area? I dunno yet; there's so much to do, and so much to think about that sometimes I stress a little too much about it! I'm considering going to Texas A&M University, and if that doesn't work out I might stay in Austin and go to DeVry University. It all depends…

Oh! I also have an Art Blog now on Tumblr! I try to update both my deviantART and my Tumblr consistently so I don't lose track of much. I also plan on making a list for myself so I can keep track of what I need to do~.

Umm, that's about it! Happy Fall!!

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So, school just started on the 23rd of August!
This means I'm completely behind in what I need to do and I gotta catch up and do all those requests and commissions that have been piling up as of recent. I am deeply sorry to those who have been waiting patiently and have not recieved an update or anything of the sort from me as of late.
Tomorrow is Sunday, which means for most of the day I will be working on art while the latter part of the day will revolve around me working on homework that I was assigned this weekend. There isn't much considering it was just the first week of school, but at the same time expect nothing more and nothing less from a procrastinator like me (oops).

Ooooother than that, my progress on what I need to work on is pasted below!

:bulletgreen: means it's being worked on.
:bulletred: means it is in Queue.
:bulletyellow: means it's completed and in the process of being Uploaded!

Bye bye for now~

.:R E Q U E S T S
:bulletgreen: :iconbluewader:'s Request (Texas and Turkey)
:bulletgreen: :iconikatxfruti:'s Request (Blaz the Cat)

.: G I F T S:
:bulletgreen: Neranos for :iconneranos:
:bulletgreen: Oddglitch for my friend, Odd.

.: C O M M I S S I O N S (Mabinogi Only!):
:bulletred: Jerry: Mabinogi/Terraria Crossover
:bulletred: Jerry: Lineart of Character
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Also hi, I'm alive. :'D

Though, I think it's mostly because I want to change my name on dA.
I don't go by GoddessUmbreon anymore, only "Faruse" (which is the romanization of: ファルセ; False(tto)).
It's actually cheap; I could afford Premium Membership but ehhh.

Bugging my mom for her Credit Card monthly ain't my thing. Subscription-wise.

I can buy 20k NX a month, but I can't ask for 2.50 a month.

There is something wrong with me.

Uhh, besides that I've been extremely addicted to Mabinogi as of recent and I will be returning to MapleStory soon!
I'm anticipating the release of Final Fantasy XIV to the public soon too. A friend may help me pay for the subscription depending on if I still have the urge to play it in August *u*. -grabby hands-

I also use Tumblr more frequently now; I have a MabiBlog and a regular blog.

I also have a Pixiv but nothing original is uploaded there. I've only been doing Fanart >:.

Links are down here!
...I'm. Not sure what else to say.
Bye :'D.

Kennetics @ Tumblr:
Syphiki-in-Wonderland @ Tumblr (MabiBlog): syphiki-in-wonderland.tumblr.c…
Faruse @ Pixiv:…;
What is posting art.
What is making art.
We just don't know--

No but really, I have so much on my plate in the artwork world, I'm forgetting to do anything or post anything involving it. ;n;.
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I feel like every time I set my New Years Resolution to be "DON'T GIVE BIRTHDAY GIFTS OUT LATE" I really mean "GIVE THEM OUT LATE AND BY LATE IMEAN LIKE A MONTH LATER.

I need to schedule better, ffff--
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Since like.

Hey guys, it's been forever since I've last posted any sort of deviantART Journal! I've been attempting to be productive towards a group I contribute to, juggle school and gaming life, and try to draw and write out new ideas that come into my view when they do!

Well sorta, but my writing is shot to hell right now and attempting to do anything frustrates me.
Writing is hard.

I would update on how I'm doing with art, but it feels so awkward going on and on about my life, y'know?

Needless to say, I'm just announcing to my friends and such that I'm not dead. I've just been skulking around in other places! Hehehe.

Oh, so like MSN. The messenger service is closing in March so if any of my good friends wish to talk to me on Skype or something then they can easily reach me through ClockworkKinetics.

The closing was announced on BBC back in November 2012, I've just not said anything because a large amount of my friends are on Skype or available for contact on Facebook.

Soooo. Yeeeeeah.

Also, I got the case of the sads because Trickster is closing February 27th.

I should make Tribute art to that game...

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