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  • Listening to: Blumenkranz (ver. nZk)
  • Reading: ISoNF: The Sorceress
  • Playing: Mabinogi; Elsword; Grand Chase
Makes a dumb journal update because why the heck not.

But it's not really dumb because it involves just two quick points. (except probably not that short)

First off: School ends in 30 weekdays. I will be attending a local Community College and Community while I try to nab my Associate's. I'll then get my Bachelor's, and then form there I want to attend school in Montreal! CEGEP first, and then I'll aim to apply for transferring to McGill! That's all in the future though. For now, it's Community College and Computer Science.

Secondly: I am MOVING accounts beginning in May!! GoddessUmbreon will still be accessible, however rather than using it for ALL my art it will only be used for roleplaying purposes! The last three pieces of art I posted today will be the last of them until May~

I will need to contact :iconsketch7778: about transferring Contributor status in the group I am in, but after that this will solely become my RP account!

My New Account is VeniniP. I'm still getting it set up and making an icon for myself, so~

That's it for now! Until then!!
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Submitted on
April 25, 2014